STAR of the Month: I have not tried to erase Bogle's legacy - Ding Dong

June 09, 2017
Ding Dong

STAR of the Month Ding Dong has denied allegations by critics that he wants to take away credit from his mentor, the iconic dancer Bogle.

According to the dancer/artiste, such critics are stupid.

"Me want to take away credit from Bogle? Anybody who seh dat is the dumbest. Let me tell you something, I carry the name of Bogle to the world. I go to Japan about eight years ago and ask 'Who rate Bogle?' and nobody put up them hand," . Then I ask 'Who rate Ding Dong and Ravers?' and everybody put up dem hand. I had to stop the stage show and said you will rate Bogle because Bogle is my dancer and there is no where I go and don't big up Bogle," he said.

According to Ding Dong, he was the one who held up the banner when Bogle met his untimely demise, therefore he reserves the right to bask in his success.

"When Bogle drop out, is me go out there and represent for dancing. Bogle is the one who inspire me to dance and not because I say I am the man now for dancing, it's not lie. Why people can't just accept that without trying to make things as how they want it to be?




He noted that Bogle died over a decade ago, and questioned which one of his dances, apart from 'Willy Bounce', was still 'running the place'.

"You have dances like 'Sivva', 'Kreech', 'Way Up' ... so why you think dance is still moving? We can't live in the past because dancing doesn't stop when Bogle die. It is still here and will even be here when am gone," he said.

Ding Dong said Bogle is a legend in his own right, however, he (Ding Dong) must be allowed to create his own legacy as an independent dancer.

He also said he has seen young dancers remake some of his old moves, but he is not opposed to the practice since everyone deserves the right to shine.

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