STAR of the Month : Matterhorn help buss me - Ding Dong

June 10, 2017
STAR of the Month Ding Dong
Tony Matterhorn

STAR of the Month Ding Dong says he is grateful to selector Tony Matterhorn for helping to propel his career during its early stages.

The entertainer made the revelation during a recent interview with THE STAR, where he pointed out that the popular selector was instrumental in pushing him as a dancer in the streets.

"Him carry me go Passa Passa and introduce me to the man dem round di sound and say 'Yow, a me dancer dis, innu', and from den him never affi carry me go nowhere again in life," he said. "I was picking up in the streets (as a dancer), but that backbone weh we need, that push, Tony Matterhorn gi we dat."

Ding Dong pointed out that the respect he has for the selector has grown so much over the years that he considers Matterhorn a father figure.


Grateful to him


"He became like a father figure to me because more while a him me go talk to and reason wid," he said. "Him a di boss and I am grateful to him. Dem time deh, (when he just started dancing) if a nuh Bogle, a John Hype and he fought for me in the streets. Him fight and say listen to me, unu affi know him because him bad."

The dancer-turned-artiste told THE STAR that the support he got from Matterhorn partly influenced his decision to give up-and-coming dancers a platform to push-start their own careers.

"When yuh out deh, yuh can't think bout yuhself alone. Matterhorn teach me dat because him did well established and him use dat fi help push my career," he said. "Me did decide say anytime me buss me affi help other youths, and a so me decide fi start Ravers Clavers."

Ding Dong said that since its establishment, Ravers Clavers has helped about 10 dancers launch individual careers even as they remain part of the group.

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