Vox Pop : Do you believe West End Negril is living up to its potential as a true tourism destination?

June 13, 2017
Franklyn Lawrence
Leighton Woolery
Akeem Strachan

Leighton Woolery, Bartender:

No, I don't believe so because they are taking away local music from the industry down here, so the little reggae shows that they usually hold on the beach to generate a money, they stopped keeping those. Plus, local vendors can't get any support from tourism, and crime a mash up the place, so the tourists are afraid to come out of the hotels.

Akeem Strachan, Unemployed:

From what I see, I don't believe so. The police are not playing their part in preventing crime in the area. They can and should do more.

Franklyn Lawrence, Chef:

No, and the number one reason is crime. Crime is stopping tourists from coming here. The second thing is that the hotel fees are too high.

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