Dancers' Paradise : Daniiboo bounces to England

June 16, 2017

Popular dancer Daniiboo, will make her debut outside of Jamaica in August, when she is set to embark on her first tour of England.

According to the dancer, this is a new development in her career, especially since she has developed a strong fan base overseas via her reach on social media.

Daniiboo believes her steady rise is already proving critics wrong.

She is also hoping to capture the summer with her new dance choreography titled 'bounce suh'. The dance was first premiered on Tuesday and has already garnered thousands of views online.

"I have always done this dance and I didn't really name it until now. My fellow dancers have always said it has a little bounce to it. Then one day my manager saw me doing the moves and he started chanting, 'Bounce suh, bounce suh' and that's when I decided to start calling it the 'bounce suh' dance," she said. "So far the feedback has been positive on Instagram. People will be able to catch on because it's simple. The key to making hit dances is to make it simple for the non-dancers to catch on."

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