My Confession : My brother kept sleeping with my girlfriend - Now I am preeing his babymother

June 16, 2017

STAR, back inna the days, dem used to call me 'Big Jo' to how me did big and fat. Me used to wear XXX shirt, and sometimes me grandmother did haffi make clothes fi me because me couldn't find none inna the store.

Dem times deh, me brother, wha two years older than me, did slim and bleach out him face. Me no know if a that attract them, but the girl them love him off.

Him used to get every girl inna the community, while nobody wouldn't look pon me. Eventually, me met a nice girl wha go church, and she did fat like me so me think me have her lock.

One summer, me go Westmoreland to look fi me father side a family and beg me brother fi take care a her fi me, and him really did "take care" of her.

As me come back, him start brag bout all a the 'movements' that take place between dem because a fi him style that. Him love chat.

Me couldn't believe the man really do that to me, after him have so much gal and a only one me have.

It break me heart, but to how me self-esteem did low, me neva leave the girl or confront her bout it because me neva think me coulda get a next girl.

Every time him get a little piece from me girl, him tell me and me laugh it off, but it did a kill me poor heart.

The tables turn now. Me get inna the fitness life right now and a me the girls dem a rush, even fi him babymother a look pon me.

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