STAR of the Month: Ele collab made me take music seriously - Ding Dong

June 16, 2017
Ding Dong
Elephant Man

Ding Dong says he decided to take his music career seriously after people began comparing him to seasoned entertainer Elephant Man.

The entertainer made the revelation in a recent interview with THE WEEKEND STAR, pointing out that although he always had an appreciation for music, he did not envision a career as an artiste until he was featured on the song Dip Again with Elephant Man in 2009.

"I didn't take music seriously, but when I did Dip Again with Elephant Man that was the awakening moment for me as an artiste. People did a compare di two a we, a try fi see who go di hardest pan di song, and memba dis is Elephant Man, enuh. Di man have hits like Signal Di Plane, and me was just a likkle youth," he said.

"People a say me go hard wid Elephant Man, and dat did just big. How yuh fi go harder dan Elephant Man pan a dancing song. That nuh possible. But when people start tell me dat, me decide say me a go take the deejaying thing serious."


Rude awakening


Ding Dong revealed that the moment he decided to take music seriously, his dancing began to suffer. And, after a rude awakening from his son, he had to find a way to sync both skills and build a successful career for himself.

"Deejay thing when me just start out did kinda get to me head, and the ego thing start chip in. Me start say me a di likkle yute inna music weh tun big artiste now, and it kinda stray weh me medz from the dancing thing completely which was my passion and my freedom," he said.

"Dancing thing get slow down because me nah pay it nuh mind no more. Mi deh a New York one day wid mi son and me son look pan me and say 'Daddy, yuh can't dance again.' And me say no, man, me a go do some soul searching. Me decide after that fi put dancing back a di forefront."

That decision, he said, has led to the flourishing career he now has. He says putting music and dancing together was his formula to success, and he has been using that formula to help others. He points out that with his music, he has opened the doors for many dancers on the circuit today as he aims to make music that thrusts them into the spotlight.

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