Vox Pop : Do you think it would be beneficial to revive the cocoa trade in Claremont?

June 20, 2017
Charlton Morris
Joel Stewart
Josclyn Grant


Joel Stewart - Farmer


"Yes, because there is plenty cocoa in Claremont right now, but everything is just thrown down because nobody is interested. Plus, we don't have anybody to buy cocoa now. I believe if farmers pick it up back, it would work out again."


Josclyn Grant - Farmer


"Yeah, I think they should revive it, because a lot of cocoa is here a spoil. Right now, I have a bag full a cocoa at my yard a dry, but I can't even get them sell."


Charlton Morris - Farmer


"I think they should bring in back the industry in Claremont, because it use to generate a lot of money in the place, with bonus and everything. Now, none of the big-name farmers them nuh really have that type of farm again, so the cocoa just left so."

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