STAR of the Month : Controversy sells but so does positive music - Ding Dong

June 21, 2017
Ding Dong

Knowing all too well that controversy sells, STAR of the Month Ding Dong believes some entertainers allow the market to determine what kind of music they produce.

He pointed out that too many artistes are allowing themselves to feed into negativity, stating that in the end, the music suffers the most.

"People can be positive and still sell but nuff artistes nuh believe inna dat. Sometime society pushes artistes to do negative things and produce negative music and not even know it," he said. "When people do righteous songs or positive songs, it nuh cause no breakthrough fi dem, so dem feel like dem affi go the next way. Society pushes away righteousness and consciousness by talking about the negative more and a dah part deh nuff artiste buy into."


Positive things


Ding Dong pointed out that the negativity only sells in Jamaica and could be the reason why so many artistes never make it internationally.

"Look pan Chronixx. Dem man deh sing bout positive things and dem a sell out stadiums everywhere right now. Sean Paul have some a di biggest songs overseas, Shaggy too, and dem man deh a promote positive vibrations" he said. "Most a di man dem weh a sing bout murder dis and murder dat, can't even imagine what selling out a stadium feel like. Me a do weh me a do without negativity and controversy inna it, and it a work fi me and me feel like it can work fi more artistes too."

He, however, pointed out that with the uncertainty surrounding when one will get their breakthrough in the entertainment industry, more entertainers prefer to go the negative route as they are almost guaranteed to attract more attention that way.

"Not every artiste a go look pan things like me though because a nuff artiste want the buss," he said. "Dem feel like dem affi do whatever dem affi do fi get the buss, a di reality. Every man affi make dem own choice, but the music can do wid some more positive energy."

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