My Confession : I lost my virginity to a prostitute

June 23, 2017

STAR, me grow with mi granny a country. She was a big Christian, so she grow me strict and put the fear of God inna mi.

Every Sunday me affi go church, rain, shine or sick. Me couldn't go dance or them things deh, all when me a big boy inna high school.

One summer, when me inna bout fifth form, me mother send fi me come spend the holiday with her a town. When me come, me meet some a me cousin dem fi the first time.

Them always laugh afta me and call me 'countryman' because me neva expose to nuff things wha dem do pon a regular.

Inna the daytime, dem meet pon the corner and smoke and drink, while me neva even smell rum too hard.

One day the whole a we did a talk and dem find out seh me neva 'buss' yet, so dem decide say them ago fix that.

Dem carry me go pon a particular road where nuff 'night workers' deh. Me neva see anything like that before, some a them all naked.




Me older cousin call one a dem and pay her. She carry me behind the wall because if we go inna room a more money.

STAR, inna less than a minute me 'buss'. Me cousin dem send me back with her because dem neva believe seh me finish already.

When me go back, me no know why, but me start bawl and tell the girl seh a me first time. She laugh afta me at first, then she sit down and talk to me fi bout 10 minutes before me go back round a the font.

Fi the whole summer, me cousin dem tease me bout it.

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