Testimony : Humble servant dedicated to God

June 24, 2017
Michael Ellis

The Orange Seventh-day Adventist Church in St James is blessed to have Michael Ellis as part of its leadership.

Ellis shared that he has been with Jesus Christ since birth, but has been serving in the leadership core of that church since he was 16 years old.

He is currently serving that congregation in the capacity of an ordained elder, with responsibility for the youth and music departments.

"It has been an interesting road because I am one of those who believe that, especially in a time as this where unless one is led by the Lord, you in yourself cannot lead. So you would have taken your directives, got your empowerment and your influence from Jesus Christ, who is the master teacher," Ellis said.

Ellis' hard work and dedication to the cause of God over the years have not gone unnoticed. According to him, God has rewarded him by doing a number of wonderful things in his life. The current principal at the Green Pond High School in St James said the post he now holds at that school came out of him being humble.

"I have ascended to this position knowing that I have a humble beginning. I consider myself like Moses. When he was prepared for over 40 years by God to take on the humongous task of leadership. As I look at myself leading a difficult school, I know that unless the Lord builds the house, they labour in vain that build it," the church elder said.




Ellis bragged that he has been able to do what he does currently because of his relationship with the Lord. He added that the Lord has been building him, and has helped him to achieve academically.

"I did not consider myself as someone who was academically savvy or who was a scholar in any way. But I see myself as an individual who, if I allow the Lord to lead me, I would do a wonderful work for Him," Ellis said.

He shared that he could have been dead, but he was saved by the grace of God. Ellis said he was attending CAST (now University of Technology), and had to leave classes late in the evenings, walking from Mountain View Avenue, along Langston Road, across the McGregor Gully to get to Vineyard Town, where he was living.

"I remembered being robbed by some females. They were the ones who were visible, but their male counterparts were right there, hoping that if I had put up any resistance then they would have intervened. I was aware as to what was happening, so I humbled myself and subjected myself to what was happening. I knew if I was humble enough God would have seen me through; and He did," said the churchman.

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