Vox Pop : Should the Sam Sharpe's criminal records be erased?

June 27, 2017
Rudley Grant
Reginald Smith
Jacinth Stewart

Reginald Smith - Farmer


If a man wrong, then him just wrong, regardless if him a national hero or not. So the record can't wipe off because it already set.


Rudley Grant - Farmer


Make the record stay. From a man a criminal, then I don't see any other way. He did it for the betterment of slaves in Jamaica, but they already passed him a criminal and that can't change. If they insist to do it then they will have to do it for everyone who took part in the rebellion.


Wesley Reid - Farmer


I would say to get rid of the criminal record because if a never for him, we probably would not be here today. So they must get rid of it and free him up.


Jacinth Stewart - Farmer


I think they should get rid of the record because he fought to take us out of slavery. He fought for Jamaica.

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