My Confession : I spent my college fees on my man

June 30, 2017

STAR, when I was in my last year of community college, I owed $22,000 for school fee. The college said they wouldn't allow me to do my final exams if I didn't clear off all my school fee.

Mi did feel so stressed out. Me father little carpentry business was very slow, so me neva know how fi ask him fi more money after him give me lunch money every day and pay most of the school fee.

At the time, me did have a boyfriend, but me was going to school, too, so me couldn't ask him fi anything.

Eventually, when it was getting closer to exam time, me did haffi tell me father say me owe the money and it need fi pay. He was so stressed out because him no like being in debt.

A week later, him give me the $25,000 and told me that he sold a bed frame and dresser at half price just so that he could get the money.

Me honestly did plan fi pay the money, but before me get it from Daddy, me did talk to the people in the office and explain the situation, and they said they would allow me to do the exams and I should pay after.

Me hold on pon the money and tell meslef say me ago pay it after exam, but then me boyfriend birthday came up and me use it to carry him out and buy clothes and cologne set fi him.

Me plan fi save up back the money and pay the school, but every time me get some money, me spend it. Me plan fi pay them soon, but me father would a write me off if him find out wha me do.

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