Vox Pop : Why do you think there is a low level of crime in Seaford Town?

July 04, 2017
Cecil Brown
Simone Minto
Nania Simpson-Whyte
Trevor Woodstock

Nania Simpson-Whyte - Shopkeeper

“Seaford Town has a low crime rate all because of unity and we cooperate with each other. Plus, youths usually go to the training centre, get a skill and go out and work so no idle hands are around. Everybody out working.”

Trevor Woodstock - Farmer

“The people in Seaford Town are more cooperative with each other. They work with one another and help to keep trouble out of the community.”

Cecil Brown - Bus driver

“I think we have a community based organisation which kind of keeps the community together. The people work with each other and if anything happens then they help themselves to take care of it.”

Simone Minto - Unemployed

“We have a strong unity in Seaford Town. It’s a nice community we live in. The only thing we want is road and water but crime is not a problem.”

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