Real Duppy Stories : Deacon and the flying duppies

July 05, 2017

So, in search of real duppy stories, I went looking for people who claim they have come face to face with duppies. One stop was in St Thomas, that bounteous parish to the east of St Andrew, where there is water everywhere, but sometimes hardly a drop to drink.

At Bath, near the botanical gardens, I met a deacon who claimed he knew a thing or two about the supernatural, and were it not for his Christian background, he said could be "big in this thing!" But what "thing" was the goodly deacon talking about?

Anyway, the deacon has many duppy stories, and one of them goes like this: "I was standing at my father's house, and gazing down the road, and see a man leaning on a tree, and I was excited about that, because I don't know what that was, so mi go in and call mi daddy ... . Straight away mi father come and look, and realise that it wasn't somebody natural and say I must get inside ... That was when I was about like 12."

The youth was concerned, but not scared, and was to have many more such sightings. Like one night when he and his wife were coming from church. It was a little while after a youngster from their community was buried. At a certain point along the way, he said he saw the youth's "spirit" walking towards his wife, and he pulled her out of his way. Back at home, he explained to her why he had to pull her closer to him.

Apart from seeing them, he claimed he also had the ability to sense when duppies are in his presence, and his penchant to discern such was a gift.

"Anywhere at all that I am and things no right, me know straight away ... If yuh even sick and mi come a yuh house ... and evil forces deh round the area, as mi come inna the house, mi know, but sometimes you don't trouble these things because these things no concern yuh," he declared.

After saying he was divulging too much of his "secrets", his stories took to the skies, where flying duppies flapped their wings right into the mix. These are the ones he called fallen angels. "Yes, man, dem thing deh have two wing, man ... how yuh mean if mi see them ... at night, man, and yuh hear dem wing whistle like a dove," the ageing churchman claimed.

The appearances can occur anywhere, he said. "They can meet you face to face out there so, and stop yuh in the miggle road enuh, can come straight inna yuh house ... den no yuh mi come to man, yuh nuh must see mi, clothes and everything ... dem not hiding from yuh!"




Well, they are certainly not hiding from Deacon. They can be very brazen as he said, just like the female duppy that once stood looking at a friend of his while he slept.

"This guy was snoring and mi see dis woman just walk up, and when de woman come up ... a no dream mi a dream, yuh nuh. Mi say mi not sleeping, an de woman come up an rest har hand pon one a de column ... an a look pon the guy, soh straight away mi just wake up the guy ... and mi just rebuke har in the name of the Lord ... and chase har away. And she "tek way herself," the deacon recounted.

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