My Confession : I tricked my boyfriend using a fake Facebook profile

July 07, 2017

STAR, me used to talk to this really nice guy, good-looking and everything, but me no trust man.

So when me realise say me and this fellow a get very serious, me decide say me a go test him.

Me go pon the Internet and download some pictures of a pretty girl with big bottom wha me know him woulda like. Then me go on Facebook and set up a fake profile with the picture them. Me start make some posts and send some people friend requests so that the page look legit, then me add him and start talk to him.

Me tell him say me add him because me family just move to Jamaica and didn't know anybody in the community, so I wanted to make friends. Him fall fi that fast and start talk to me on a regular, and even start flirting with me.

Things got so serious that him even send 'sexy' pictures to the fake profile and a ask fi pictures, and ask when them can meet.

Inna real life, it hurt me you see. Me coundn't believe this John crow. Me confront him and ask if him a flirt with other people and send naked pictures and him say no.

When me confess say a me him a talk to deh pon Facebook with a fake profile, him say him know all along, which is why him go along with it.

But God know, me neva sure if he was just a quick-thinking liar or it was the truth, so me did affi cut him off eventually.

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