STAR of the Month : I'm shy says Tommy Lee

July 07, 2017
STAR of the Month Tommy Lee Sparta

STAR of the Month Tommy Lee said despite his rough exterior and his ability to captivate the attention of a large crowd, he is an extremely shy person.

The entertainer told THE WEEKEND STAR that when he hit the stage for the first time as a teenager from Montego Bay, he was so shy that he turned his back to the audience for the duration of his performance.

"Me's a shy youth. The first stage show me ever go pan inna me life, nobody nuh know a who perform. Me turn me back and mash up the whole place. Up to now dem nuh see me," he said laughing.




Tommy Lee said he comes from the ghetto and never went out much.

"So when me come out to the world, too much light a shine pan me and me never know how fi adjust. Me a di only man hold the mic upside dung and hide me face pan stage; a never style, a just shy me used to shy."

Tommy Lee explained that while he is still a naturally shy person, he has broken out of his shell a great deal and credits that to performing on stages across the world.

"Me can mash up any show me go pan right now. Me nah fi do nothing extra, me just affi chat lyrics," he said. "Me grow a lot as an artiste and people see that when me touch the stage these days. Me still a shy person, but me know how fi deliver my music and reach my fans."

Tommy Lee said entertainers must learn how to effectively reach their audience during performances, as it is not enough to do it through just recordings.

To him, there is nothing more satisfying than seeing how people react to the music and so live performances, in his opinion, are just as important as recordings.

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