Saved from chaos and destruction

July 08, 2017
George Henry photo Maurice Hepburn

There are numerous individuals who can testify that God has protected them from near-death situations, and Pastor Maurice Hepburn is one of them.

Hepburn, who is the pastor for the Shiloh Apostolic Church at Cumberland and Blue Mountain in Clarendon, has been a born-again Christian since 1980.

He testified that God has been good to him in numerous ways.

"The Lord has saved me from many things. There are so many things which the Lord has done for me. God delivered me from an accident some years ago while I was coming from Cumberland. The car I was driving lost the brakes on a hill. My wife, who was with me, along with another passenger, started to cry. We sensed death, but a voice said I should direct the car to the right of the road. I ran it into a house and we came out without a scratch," testified Hepburn.

Hepburn noted that following that accident, he had all the assurance from God that the assignment from the enemy had been cancelled, and that God was always on his side.


"I had to approach the accident with an open mind. Something down inside of me told me to switch to the right and I did just that. I obeyed the voice, because if I had gone to the left instead or went straight, it would have been total chaos and destruction. We would have been history. I gave God thanks for His deliverance because I sensed death. God has been good to us," Hepburn said.

He also shared that God allowed his life to be spared when he was hit in the head by a piece of iron which fell from a tent. It knocked him out cold for about two hours.

"God provided somebody to call my wife and when she came I was assisted. When I came back to my senses I found myself in the hospital. It was so amazing. My face was swollen but the Lord helped me. God is a a good God, every time. I cannot complain," said the pastor.

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