STAR of the Month | Don't blame me for Jamaica's evils -Tommy Lee

July 12, 2017
Tommy Lee Sparta during an interview at The Star's North Street offices last week.

Tommy Lee Sparta says artistes being labelled as role models and being held responsible for some of the ills facing today's society is unfounded.

The controversial artiste believes the problems facing society is a direct result of how evil each generation gets.

"Me nuh wah hear say me a demon or nothing because dem yah pickney yah rotten and dem a go become worse than our generation," he said.

"Wah we a do now nah go faze dem. A laugh dem a go laugh after all this. Yuh see all me weh say me name Uncle Demon, dem pickney yah nowadays a laugh dem a laugh afta me. Look pan di big man dem today, dem did take Bounty and him badness serious enuh, and now this generation take Bounty badness as madness," Tommy Lee Sparta said.

He added: "Memba say other people sin fall pan we innu so the likkle generation dem more wicked. Can you just imagine wah dem a go do, the bomb dem weh dem a go drop and we nah go can stop it."

The entertainer said he is merely living his life and does not consider himself to be responsible for any of the problems facing the nation.

"Me deejay fi gi people vibes. A badness we a push inna we song den yuh nuh see. We a push the police fi kill the criminal and the bad man dem fi defend themselves. Me a nuh nobody role model. Me a live my life how me wah fi live," he reasoned.

"You cah stop certain things yuh affi just try and survive and set a thing because at the end of the day a your life," said the man whose given name is Leroy Russell.

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