Call To The Bar : My Mother's Place - where everyone feels at home

July 13, 2017
Proud owner of My Mother's Place, Ian Wilson.
Ian Wilson, owner of My Mother's Place.
Barmaid Lusha Thompson gets ready to serve up a 'half Q'.
Six love! Patrons enjoying a game of dominoes at My Mother's Place.
A lover of vintage music, Wilson keeps the old hits coming.
The pool table is a big hit with patrons at My Mother's Place.
A portrait of Josephine Johnson, the woman who inspired the bar's creation.

On the wall facing the entrance to My Mother's Place hangs a picture of the woman who inspired the venue's name.

Owner Ian Wilson said his mother, Josephine Johnson, suggested he open a watering hole along the Harbour View main road.

"The original name was Border," he explained, "because it's on the border of Harbour View and St Thomas. But since she gave the idea for the spot, I named it in honour of her."

Johnson unfortunately passed before My Mother's Place was finished, but the name connotes a feeling of warmth and comfort, exactly what Wilson aims to provide every customer.

"But I never expected it to be this large. It's not just a bar. You feel a part of a family when you're here," he said. "People love our shelf. Some bars, they can't get the products they want. When they come here, they're confused (with choices).

He said the spot is "more of a 'big people' setting.

"Our radio is stuck on one of the oldies stations We have our CDs with vintage music. It's a place where you can carry your children," he said.




My Mother's Place also gets its fair share of the young adult crowd, whether from the Harbour View community or from students at the Caribbean Maritime Institute.

The latter group, especially, like a game of pool when they're around, and this has Wilson thinking of adding a second table. Of course, the domino fanatics are always smacking down a six-love or two.

Those travellers whose flights are delayed or those looking to relax after a long trip across stop by for a breather. My Mother's Place is also well known abroad.

"People have come here saying they heard about the bar in England," Wilson said. "I have people from the Dominican Republic who, when they come fishing in Jamaica, they stop by. Their drink is Johnnie Walker Black."

Friday is the popular day to stop by, as many patrons either stop for a drink on the way home, or come back out after a quick shower for some early weekend enjoyment.

"I love the good service," said Gary Hunt as he sips on some Campari. "Normally, I play dominoes round by the front. It's just a nice vibe. This is one of the safer bars." George Bailey, who resides in Nine Miles, Bull Bay, also comes by regularly for a bit of relaxation after a rough week at work.

"A long time me a come, and I have to say I'm really comfortable. It's nice to have a place like this, where yuh can come and just nice up yuh spirit."

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