STAR of the Month : Tommy Lee explains 'Uncle Demon' nickname

July 13, 2017
STAR of the Month Tommy Lee Sparta
Heavy D

STAR of the Month Tommy Lee also goes by the moniker 'Uncle Demon'. It is a name he seemingly embraced and by all indications, the entertainer seemed to have owned up to the evil association.

He revealed the origin of the name isn't spooky at all.

"You know say a one day me a say Uncle D man; a Heavy D (former manager) me a talk bout, enuh. Somebody come and a ask who fah dis and me say a fi Uncle D man, and di person say who name Uncle Demon?" he explained. "When him say it me a say, yow. Dat sound sick. Me just run wid it same way cuz it did have a vibes but a Heavy D me did a talk man."

Revealing that he knew the moniker would raise eyebrows and start talks within the music industry and the wider Jamaica, the entertainer said he decided to run with the controversial name.


Huge backlash


However, the artiste revealed that the controversy surrounding the association and the huge backlash from the public caused him to back down from embracing the Uncle Demon image 100 per cent.

"Me never know a so people fraid a demon. When me say Uncle Demon, the whole place get mad," he said. He pointed out that the backlash from the evil association began taking a toll on him. "Dem get to me man, cow me dung and make me ting water down," he said.

The artiste said he regrets listening to the negativity being spewed at him because of his image as he understood that the association was just about packaging himself for the competitive dancehall industry and should have held firm to his marketing strategy.

"True me have a heart and me a say a real thing dem a talk (about the name sending the wrong message about embracing evil) but a chattings," he said. "Me shouldn't make people cow me dung. Di people dem can't trick me again, man. Me just a go do my song dem. Nobody can't tell mi nothing again."

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