My Confession : He swallowed my cold

July 14, 2017

STAR, one time a guy wha me did have a big crush pon fi a long time finally invite me fi go out with him. Me did really excited because me honestly love off the boy. In fact, a me did go introduce meself and give him me number.

The problem is, when him finally invite me out, me did have a bad cold and I was coughing and sneezing every minute, but me neva wah miss the opportunity, so me agree fi go out with him. Him neva know say me sick. Me just load up pon Theraflu and vitamin C pill before me meet him.

We decide fi go to a little bar and grill up the road from where me live. Everything was going fine and me all figet say me sick. We sit down at the bar and a laugh and talk over drinks.

Me not even remember what me order, but me can clearly remember say him order a pina colada, because me remember the white colour.

STAR, at one point him give me a joke and me buss out a big laugh and some nose naught fly right right inna him juice. Him neva see when it happen, and me neva know how fi tell him, so him just continue drink the juice until it finish.

A long after we break up, me tell him say him drink me nose naught the first night we hang out.

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