STAR of the Month : Tommy Lee gives his views on religion

July 14, 2017
Tommy Lee Sparta

His mother is a Christian, and he spent much of his childhood days in the church. But Tommy Lee Sparta is not really a religious person. He claims to talk to God daily, but not always through prayers.

"Mi always a chat to my God inna me mind," he said. "Me always a pray and a reason wid God, and Him always answer me."

However, the entertainer, who goes by the moniker Uncle Demon, says he is not religious.

"Me friendly with God, me friendly with the Devil. Me and everybody a friend, mi nuh take sides inna nothing. You think God a nuh killer too?" he said.

"You think if God never bad, di devil coulda deh a road yah now? How Him kick the Devil outta heaven. You think Him just seh 'leave' and di devil leave. You nuh feel a box Him box dung di Devil?"

The artiste says he believes human beings are the real vessels of good and evil.




"Mi just a terms things how me see it and a pick sense outta nonsense. Mi never see God nor the devil yet. A we a di devil and God," he said. "A we the intention inna, innu, the good and the bad."

Tommy Lee says he doesn't believe in hell or heaven but says if they exist, once people live a balanced life, they have a chance of being rewarded with a place in Heaven.

"The farer you go from bad, the more good you are, and the farer you go from good, the more bad you are, so live you life and try strike the balance," he reasoned.

"A di people dem weh nuh take sides a go a heaven innu, cuz dem nah think bout certain things. The one dem weh nuh fraid fi seh demon and nuh fraid fi seh God, a dem a go make it."

And with Christians holding the view that persons must give their lives to Jesus Christ in order to make it to heaven, Tommy Lee says he is not prepared to sing from that hymn sheet.

"Suppose me go give Jesus my soul inna Church now and when me dead and gone me realise say all a dis was an illusion a one man name Mosiah or Kiara a di real God?" he questioned. "Yuh affi just live you life and wait it out yah man."

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