STAR of the Month : Tommy Lee Sparta wishes he was more educated

July 18, 2017
Tommy Lee Sparta
Tommy Lee Sparta

STAR of the Month Tommy Lee Sparta dropped out of school in grade 10 after getting his girlfriend pregnant.

However, the Psycho deejay regrets that he did not get a better education.

"Mi wish mi did more brighter right now. Mi educated, enuh, like mi smart and mi can represent miself, and if yuh talk to me yuh will know that. Mi can read and write, enuh, but mi wish mi did more educated," he said.

According to the deejay, an advancement in his education would benefit his music, especially since dancehall has evolved lyrically over the years.

"Music nowadays a education and literature. Mi wish mi did pay attention to literature because a since mi big, mi realise how important it is. That's why mi kids dem go good school. Mi can't keep up with the parent and teachers meeting, but mi will go graduations," he said.

Tommy Lee Sparta also said that his children have no choice but to attend school whether they like it or not.

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