Real Duppy Stories : The man who fights duppies - Part One

July 19, 2017

If there was ever a duppy warrior, it would be Paul Atkinson of Charles Town, Portland.

He doesn't know why, but he's always encountering duppies, a few of which he had to fight off.

He's been seeing them since Hurricane Gilbert in 1988, and he said he's not afraid of them.

He tells about the time when his dead son, who was buried on January 8 this year, visited him early the next day.

"When mi feel his presence, mi spin around only to see him jump behind a barrel in a corner, like him a play hide-and-seek from behind the barrel. I rebuked him, and in the morning, mi bring a flask of rum to his grave, and tell him say him can't creep up on mi like dat," he said.

Another duppy did not know how to conduct itself, for it went into Atkinson's bedroom early one Sunday morning when he was in bed with his woman.

He saw the door opening and closing, but there was no breeze. Then he saw only the lower body of a thick-legged man approaching.

"Mi jump up, and approached the two legs dem and shout, 'Cum out yah!', about three times. But the legs no budge. Mi mek a fist, an was about to thump the duppy legs when mi start to sweat. Him mek mi get frighten. Then the two legs dem mek one big turn, float to the ceiling and vanished," he said.

It turned out that the visitor was the woman's brother, who had died from all sorts of complications. He returned the following Sunday morning.

"I was asleep in mi front room and the man appear, him a travel like helicopter in the air, floating over mi. Mi shout, 'Mi see yuh!'"

Atkinson jumped up to go war with the duppy, but the man floated into a dark corner, and disappeared.

Early one morning, Atkinson was walking in the Buff Bay River Valley, when he saw a woman down the road, at a well-lit spot.

"She was alone, an mi tink say she was the woman who live across the road. Mi know har and mi like har, and say dis a di bes time fi talk to har, when mi an har alone. But when mi reach the woman, she turned her head slow, and look up the road and across the road, but not dung the road. Mi look in her eyes only to see dat it was a woman mi know who dead about three months ago," he said.

Yet, he wasn't frightened. He just passed her and continued on his way.

Another time, he was coming from White River, accompanied by a female, when he saw a tall, slim man with his left hand hanging down.

When the duppy saw them, it scaled a very steep hillside and disappeared. Yet, stranger than that, Atkinson saw the man stark naked, while his companion saw him in a jacket suit.

Next week, Paul Atkinson and the duppies continue to fight each other.

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