STAR of the Month : Drugs buss inna mi father belly - Tommy Lee Sparta despises illicit narcotics trade

July 19, 2017
Tommy Lee Sparta
Tommy Lee Sparta

STAR of the Month Tommy Lee says he despises drugs. The entertainer, whose father died of drug-related causes, says having grown up around the business of drugs, he could have taken it up as a career, but opted not to.

"Mi father used to sell drugs and dem thing deh, and me coulda be a drugs man if me did want," he said. "Mi choose not to. Drugs buss inna mi father belly. Dem man deh did love run risk yah man cause him never haffi do all dat."

Tommy Lee Sparta says his father was the breadwinner in his family, but says he hated him somewhat for choosing to earn a living through drugs.

He explained that he also despised his father for dying, as life for him and his family got extremely difficult after his passing.

"Mi use to hate him because me a say 'look how me father dead and gone lef we man'. Dem time deh hungry a lick," he said. "Mi forgive him now because me understand say death is a must, but dem time deh me did pree him, especially because him coulda do things differently."

Because of his experiences with the downside of dealing in drugs, the artiste says he will never indulge in anything remotely drug-related.

"Mi hate dat man. Mi hate cocaine. Mi nuh wah see it. Mi nuh wah have nothing to do with it," he said. "One thing me father did teach me enuh never deh wid a girl weh sniff cocaine. She will do anything for it. Me hear wah him say and mi never take it fi mean wid just woman, but people in general," Tommy Lee Sparta said.

"People weh deal wid drugs, when dem need it, dem will do anything fi find it because dem need it now. Mi stay far from dem people deh and mi stay far from drugs."

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