STAR of the Month : Uncle Demon was a bartender

July 20, 2017
STAR of the Month Tommy Lee Sparta

Dancehall artiste Tommy Lee Sparta might be known for his controversial lyrics and his Gothic style of dressing.

However, long before he got his break in the music industry, the Shook singer was a bartender.

He told THE STAR that he is a certified bartender who studied at the HEART Trust-NTA.

"I went to school for bartending. I don't even remember what the teacher name, but mi get mi certificate and thing. I also trained at Coral Cliff (former MoBay hotspot) and it was the first time I was working for people," he said.

But bartending didn't quite work out as a long-term profession for him.

"I couldn't keep up a 'blouse and skirt'. Sometimes some man a go hard, like dem sell dem soul to work, and mi can't bother wid dem type of thing deh," he said.

Tommy Lee said he left the job after he harboured thoughts of hurting an unreasonable supervisor.

"I spent a year wid them, then one day mi just stop. There was this manager youth weh nuh like see nobody rest and mi used to work hard and him a get pon top a mi nerves like him wah fallow mi up, so mi just stop. Mi never wah get inna trouble and is a man weh mek yu just pree fi knock him out when him nah look. Suh mi just left the job, yu zimi," he laughed.

The deejay, who has seven children with four babymothers, said after he abandoned the job, he still managed to support his family with the assistance of his mother.

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