Real Duppy Stories : The man who fights with duppies Part Two

July 26, 2017

So, Paul Atkinson of Charles Town, Portland, loves to walk late at night, and, for reasons unknown, duppies love to present themselves to him.

The encounters sometimes involve physical fights, and the fearless Maroon never backs down.

One night after returning from the river, he took a shower under an outside pipe and put away his catch of fish.

While lying on his back beside a female companion, he saw "a tall, strapping man in a suck-on underpants" approach his bed.

"De man jus come in through the door, and vloops, an' jump pon mi like a wan woman 'im a jump pon, enuh," the animated duppy magnet said. "An mi goh soh an flash 'im, and 'im lick inna de door, an de door flash open outside."

But the duppy was not giving up so easily. He again jumped on Atkinson, who flashed him away again. It was an all-out war until the spirit disappeared.

Another night, he was coming from a woman's yard late one night. When he reached his gate, he could see a path that led to the river.




On the path, coming from the direction of the river, was "the whitest ting mi eva see", Atkinson said. "But 'im big like wan cow calf. 'Im mouth tall like soh, like wild hog mouth."

While eyeing the creature, he was looking for a stone to strike it.

Atkinson found a stone and ran towards the cow/calf/wild/hog. But it turned back towards the river.

He followed it, but it disappeared. What he saw, though, was a big, black bat circling his head.

Back at his house, he went inside backwards. And to ward off any more unwelcome visitors, Atkinson slept naked.

But it seems like these visitors refuse to leave him alone. One night, he was in the company of his grandson, who was beside him in the bed.

A man came through a middle door into the bedroom, stretched over Atkinson and grabbed the sleeping boy.

Atkinson jumped up and grabbed him from the baby-snatcher and drove him from the room.




But foreign duppies are also in the mix, like the one he fought with while he was on the farm work programme some time ago.

Atkinson chose a bed in his dorm. It turned out that the bed and its linen belonged to the deceased son of his employer, who took them from the family house.

One night while he was lying on the bed, he felt something holding his toes and attempting to toss him from the bed.

He shot up from the bed only to see "two bungle a red ants marching up a wall - whole heap a red ants". He went back to sleep, but got up at about 4 a.m. to use the restroom.

While he was using the room, he said he was pushed by something unseen. He fell on his face and sustained bruises.

"Who push mi outta it?" he asked.

The person who Atkinson and his colleagues believe was the culprit was the employer's dead son. Atkinson was not the only one, they said, who suffered from his violence.

But, the irony of this particular incident was that the Jamaican 'duppy conqueror' had got bruised by a foreign duppy.

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