My Confession : A butch caused me to lose my nature

July 28, 2017

STAR, during me young, wild days, me used to consider meself to be a 'gyallis', and could take on any challenge in that field, but one night it look like me bite off more than me coulda chew.

A girl that me normally 'service' invited me to a club and introduced me to her friend. The friend looked kinda 'mannish', but me neva want her to feel any way, so me still par with both of them.

After a little while, my friend start tell me say she want to service, but her 'butch' friend want to join. Mi is a man wha no back down from challenge, but me neva too sure about the butch one.

When we reach a me house, me very excited and ready fi take on the girl that me normally service, but a the butch first strip! Me poor 'manhood' frighten and drop down same time.




No matter wha me do, or wha she try fi get me inna the mood, me couldn't stand at attention fi her. It was like me a try service a man. Me couldn't do it.

Me shame so till, me affi make up a lie and start act like me drunk, then tell them say it look like me drink too much so me can't do anything tonight. From that, every time them link me, me make excuse fi no see them until them just stop link me.

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