My Confession : My girl found a week-old used condom in my pocket

August 04, 2017

STAR, me nuh know if me girl a go take me back after this ya episode. But me nah lie, me love her with all me heart and a she me wah marry.

It's just that the girls them say me a 'hot bwoy', and because of that, temptation always come my way. Sometimes it hard fi resist, like couple months ago when a girl inna the community link me and tell me say she want a 'service'.

Me try fi go around the girl, but she persistent. So me just give her a little 'work' on the weekend and go home to me woman.

About a week later, my girl find mi pants with the used condom inside the pocket and confront me about it. The way how me frighten, me turn fool and tell her a stupid lie.

Me tell her say a she me use it pon, and me put it inna me work pants fi throw it away while on me way to work, but me forget fi throw it away.

She tell me seh she woulda believe me if it was my work pants she found the condom in, but a the pants wah me wear go a dance she find it inna.

Me no shame fi seh me start bawl same time and confess to her, and beg her fi take me back. All now she nuh forgive me.

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