Real duppy story : I made a deal with a duppy

August 09, 2017

Bishop O'Neil Miller of the Apostle Sabbath Church in Golden Hill, St Andrew is regarded by many people, locally and internationally, to have a certain gift. They say he can see things, even through walls.

Duppies are among the many things he said he has been seeing for most of his life. But, for him, it is not just about seeing; it is also about putting them into their place, back to where they belong.

The stories of his encounters with "demons" and duppies include the one in which a duppy once possessed a basic-school girl in St Catherine. Now, he's telling what happened.

"The child's mother was abroad when the trouble start, and no one seemed to be able to tell what was going on with the youngster. I was called to the school, and when I saw the child I knew exactly what the problem was.

"I, dressed in full white, decided to leave the school premises because of the nature of the work I intended to do. We took the child to a home in the said parish.

"And then when we reached, now, she start to cuss some bad wud, some big people bad wud, enuh. She was going on bad.

"When an aunt entered the room the child shouted, 'Mi no want deh gal yah in yah, cause she an my madda dash mi way, enuh!'

"I asked for a piece of cord, an strapped the likkle girl to the bed. Then I started the process of getting the duppy out of the child. But the duppy say, 'Let me make a deal with you.' Pupa Geesas!

"Then, the child turned her attention to a young woman who came wid mi, an say, 'Deh gal yah, yuh tink say she love yuh, doctor!?'

"I ignored har, and was about to restart the clearing, when the duppy went back to the offer to make a deal. She said if I get her from out of the child at the house the pickney a go dead.

"She wanted me to take har back to the spot where she say her mother bury har without marking the spot.

"The duppy say to mi, 'All I need for you to do is to mark the spot where I was buried.' It was a deal.

"We leave an go to a yard in the Bog Walk area of St Catherine. I can carry you to the place if I remember well.

"When wi reach the yard, I said to the duppy, 'Where were you buried?'

"There was a man in the yard, and the duppy said, 'Ask deh man deh, a she an him do it.'

"The man said him no have nutten fi do wid har death, and then the duppy start fi cuss all sort a whats-it, whats-it. She insisted dat de man help to bury har after har mother kill har.

"When mi asked the man again, him say him no know where she bury. But, the duppy shout out, 'Is right unda deh tree deh unoo bury mi!'

"The man drop dung an faint. And when wi revive him, him say, 'Yes, a deh soh we buried har, right unda de tree.'

"The spot where the duppy was buried was marked, and she give mi the names of seven angels, who perform different duties in heaven.

"But, I cannot remember the names of the angels after the duppy leave out of de child in a waving motion, like when a piece of paper or cloth is blowing before a fan.

"It gone back to har marked grave, to its eternal home. As a baby she was always crying and fussing, and har mother would have none of it. Soh, she rub poison pon har nipples dem fi kill de baby."

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