My Confession : Mi cousin man a tek har fi idiot

August 11, 2017

STAR, me have a cousin wah me really haffi wonder about sometimes because she allow man fi use her like a real fool.

She go a foreign on the work programme a year time and send home money because she a build a house.

The other day, she tell her mother (which is my auntie) to draw out some money outta their joint account to buy some material for the house.

When me auntie go check the balance, a whole heap a money missing from the account, and them nuh know who take it out. It turns out me cousin leave her bank card with her man. So when she ask if a him take out the money, him seh yes, and tell her that him borrow some of the money and is planning to put it back soon.

When me auntie hear, she get mad and start cuss because somebody from the community tell her seh di bwoy, who is not working, deh wid university gyal, and a him a send her go a school.

When my auntie call me cousin and tell her that the bwoy is using her money to mine school gyal, mi cousin cuss her off and tell her fi stop watch her man because it's her man and her life.

From that, mi auntie nuh talk to her. Meanwhile, the bwoy and him university gyal deh here a live large like MoBay scammer pon her money.

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