Where Are They Now : 'Tappazukie’ ... Wadadah’s wily maestro

August 15, 2017
Andrew 'Tappazukie' Sinclair


Back in the 1990s, when St James was the undisputed capital of national football, one of the shining stars on the parish's club football circuit was the diminutive Andrew 'Tappazukie' Sinclair, who was a major crowd-puller and an inspiration to youngsters like Theodore 'Tappa' Whitmore.

Sinclair, who was drafted in an all-star Wadadah team assembled by the club's former owner-manager, the late Gene Grey, came with solid credentials, having won two daCosta Cup titles at Clarendon College (1977 and 1978) and representing Jamaica at the junior level.

"I was a member of the 1977 Clarendon College team that won the daCosta Cup and Olivier Shield. I was also a member of the winning 1978 team and the team that lost in the 1979 final," said Sinclair, who is now back home in Kingston, where he has his sights set on becoming a successful youth coach.

According to Sinclair, he wants to do something special for his home community of Duhaney Park, and he would also like to coach in Montego Bay, which he considers his happy hunting ground, having earned national senior team selection while he was based in the western city in 1983.

"I wanted to do something in Duhaney Park, but at present, I am now living in Golden Spring," said Sinclair. "I am thinking about starting a camp up here (Golding Spring) ... a lot of youth and their parents are asking me to do so, so I am in the process of meeting some people to see what can be done. I need some more equipment, so I am appealing to anyone who can assist in that regard to do so."

Sinclair played on the national junior team from 1979 to 1980 and subsequently played in the Caribbean Football Union and CONCACAF World Youth Tournament, where the team was knocked out by the toss of a coin.

He believes that the road to future football success in Jamaica lies in establishing a good youth programme.

"In my time, we had excellent coaches like Winston Chung Fah, so when we left high school, we were readily fitted into the various national teams," said Sinclair. "The Jamaica youth team I played on was the first Jamaican team of any kind to reach a final in an international tournament."

With his national experience alongside his vast experience representing various other teams like Olympic Gardens, Border Patrol, Port Morant United, Windsor FC, and Taurus FC, Sinclair believes that once he gets the required help, he has the know-how to help create a cadre of new stars for the future.

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