My Confession : Older woman 'sort me out' properly

August 18, 2017

STAR, back inna me young days, me meet a big woman. She was nearly 50, but she did look good fi her age.

The first time me meet her was on me 16th birthday, when me auntie sponsor me fi go to a spa. A there so me meet Euna (not her real name).

She used to do manicure and pedicure. Me did really like how she look sexy and she was very nice to me.

Me used to save up me likkle lunch money and go there every two weeks fi get manicure just so that me coulda lyrics her.

As a likkle teen, me neva know say she woulda take me serious, but me still try me luck. Me finally get her number after me tell her say me want to call her to know when exactly me can make appointments.

Me text her every day and check up on her until we start to flirt hard. She always a compliment me pon me athletic body, because me used to do tracks inna high school, so one day me tell her say she can test it out if she want.

I was kinda joking, but she take me serious and tell me say we can't do it after work because her man a go pick her up right as her shift finish.

She tell me to make a manicure appointment at the spa and then she carry me to a private room that them normally do massage in, and she did 'massage' me.

This did a gwaan fi a while until she and her husband move go a foreign. Me nah lie, a Euna make me love big woman over girls my age, because them full a experience and them no pressure you fi money.

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