Life & Times : Maudge Richards batting on at 104

August 26, 2017
Centenarian Maud Richards.
Centenarian Maud Richards is surrounded by members of her family at her home in Ewarton, St Catherine. From left: Arthur Richards, her son, Barbara Richards, daughter-in-law, and Hazel Giles, her daugher.

Up to a couple of years ago, while at the age of 102, Maudge Richards was said to be very active. Her children claimed that she was doing her own laundry, and would even cook. However, since she contracted chik-V in 2015, she has been forced to use a wheelchair.

"From she get the chik-V, she don't walk again," her daughter-in law, Barbara Richards, told The STAR.

Now 104 years old, Maudge Richards has lived to witness the births of four generations of family members. The Ewarton resident, who has six children, 28 grandchildren, 57 great-grand, and 17 great-great-grandchildren, is touted as a strong disciplinarian by her offspring.

"She tek care of her kids dem and mek sure dem alright. Yuh couldn't go people place, and she would beat us and put away the food until she beat wi [then] she would give us the food," said Hazel Giles, one of her daughters.

"When I go to school and stayed late, she would come and meet me with a switch and say, 'from school over, weh yu deh?' And when me come home, me woulda get a beating," she added.




Arthur Richards, 75, who is Maudge's second child, said the children could not miss church.

Born on August 13, 1913 in Mount Rosser, Richards attended Mount Rosser Elementary School before becoming a railway worker. Her tasks, while working with the railway company, included breaking stones to help hold the rails in place.

An ardent Christian, who is a member of the Ewarton Gospel Hall Church, where she had been baptised on July 28, 1940, the centenarian believes that it is her strong religious beliefs that have helped her to live past the 100 mark.

"A God a keep me," she told THE STAR, when she was quizzed about her secret for longevity.

Maudge is not the first in her family to reach the century mark as three others have reached the milestone before her, including an aunt. Her mother lived until she was 95 years old. Her husband, Nathan Richards, predeceased her 56 years ago.

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