Vox Pop : How important is the bike taxi service to the people in your community?

August 29, 2017
Elliston Brown
Danieto Ferguson
Lloyd Murray

Danieto Ferguson Negril

"It is very important because it is the only means of transportation for kids and working people to go to school or work, respectively. It carries them out in the daytime and carries them back home in the evenings."

Elliston Brown Sheffield

"The service is very important because normal car taxi and bus man them not turning off the main to go into the lanes, and the people, like the children, would have a long way to walk. So the bike taxi service fills that gap."

Lloyd Murray New Hope

"The bike taxi man them service is vital to the community and the whole of Westmoreland. It saves people from a lot of problems plus, as a farming area, the farmers depend upon the service."

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