My Confession : I'm sharing my woman with an old rich man

September 01, 2017

STAR, from me a little boy me and this girl from me community used to link, but her mother neva like me. She style me as 'dutty-foot bwoy with no ambition'.

Anyways, a the dutty-foot bwoy Debby* did want and nothing wha she do could stop the relationship. When she send Debby go to prayer meeting a night time, Debby sneak out and come meet me a road.

Apparently, the chatty-chatty people them inna the community find out and tell the mother. So one night, she lay-wait we and give Debby some box, me swear she lose couple teeth.

Eventually, the mother set up Debby (who was just 20) pon an old Englishman that was way in his 50s, and tell her say a good man wha can take care of her. Even me encourage Debby fi talk to him, so she went along with it.

But we still did a link under the quiet, and when the big man give her money, me get a portion of it.

After a while, she marry the old man and move to England with him and them have a child together. But all now her ratings fi me still tall. Wha day ya, the old man did see some messages between me and her, and it cause some big problem.

So because of that, him watch her like hawk every time she come a Jamaica, but that no stop her from sending it on every time she deh here. She just tell him say she a go look fi her girlfriends. That time, a me a the 'girlfriends'.

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