Life & Times : Almost 70 years of love

September 02, 2017
Clinton Hutchinson and his wife, Muriel.

Muriel and Clinton Hutchinson have been man and wife for almost 70 years.

They got married on March 17, 1948, and they are still in love. Muriel, a nonagenarian, and Clinton, a centenarian, currently reside in Christiana in Manchester.

Muriel told Life and Times that they have been able to stay together because they both love each other and have practised love throughout.

"We work together, we worship God together and we do a lot of good for persons," said Muriel, the more talkative one.

They met in Christiana. Clinton said when he saw the nice and beautiful young girl, it was love at first sight.

"I told her that I would like her to marry me, and it came to pass, because here we are at our age still married and madly in love," he said.

Muriel noted that when Clinton proposed, she did not consent immediately.

"I just never felt like doing it, but after thinking it over for a year, I decided that it was now the right time to consent to his request," she said.

Clinton pointed out that the wait was long, but worth it. He added that he felt on top of the world when 'Miss Muriel' told him that she was willing to take his hand in marriage.




Muriel said she will never forget the advice they both received from the pastor who officiated at their wedding ceremony, one Rev Melbourne.

"He told us that we should live together and love each other in the best ways. He said we should communicate good and trust each other, and all of that. Those I will always remember," said Muriel.

Clinton said he was happy when the pastor pronounced them man and wife, adding that it was at that time he felt like a real big man.

He said he always shared whatever he had with her, even if it was a small piece of sugar cane, because it is good when men are kind to their wives.

"When we celebrated our silver anniversary (25 years), the love I had for her started to blossom ever greater, and now it is even richer. I still love my husband because he takes very good care of me and I take care of him," said Muriel.

Muriel admitted there have been times when they have had differences, including quarrels, but in no time, they always made up and were sweeter than before.

Muriel said that if she could live her life over, she would do so with the same husband. Clinton said the same, and said he could not find a nicer and more loving woman than 'Miss Muriel', who has always made him feel good.

The union between them has produced nine children. However, Clinton has 12 children in total, three from another relationship. Muriel said she loves all 12, and they love her in return.

She advised potential brides to love their husbands, do good to them and care for them, similar to how she has cared for hers for almost seven decades.

She also wants them to be loving to their children, teach them manners and respect and ensure they are always in church.

As for Clinton, his advice to potential grooms is to have manners and show respect to their wives.

"Follow my footsteps. Have manners and show respect to your wife; and take good care of all your children," he advised.


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