Ridge Pen hopes for rebirth

September 05, 2017
Floyd Green

Residents of Park Lee and Ridge Pen in South West St Elizabeth had much to celebrate after they recently got electricity in their homes for the first time at last.

The lights were officially commissioned by Minister of Science, Energy and Technology Dr Andrew Wheatley.

"By bringing electricity here, we are opening the doors and providing opportunities for the people," the minister said. "It is not free ... it comes with responsibility, so I encourage you to be responsible and to practise energy conservation," he said.

Floyd Green, member of parliament for the area, said he has fulfilled an election promise by making electricity available to the communities. He said more than 150 households in the Park Lee and Ridge Pen communities will benefit from the electricity service.




"In this modern-day Jamaica, you must have road, water and light that you can turn on. It is now a necessity," Green said.

For Park Lee resident Delecia Davis, electrical power in the community is a dream come true.

"A lot of us had given up hope and believed it would never happen, especially seeing that after the poles were put up in 2010 and 2011, no further work was done on it. We are extremely thankful," she said.

Glen Gayle, a resident of Ridge Pen, said he was overwhelmed with happiness as the lack of electricity had resulted in mass migration from the community.

"We are all overwhelmed. A lot of people had moved out of the area because of the no-light situation, but this will lead to a rebirth of Ridge Pen," he said.

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