My Confession : The groom used to cheat with me

September 08, 2017

STAR, there is this couple coming from high-school days wah everybody admire, and they're now getting married. Everybody is saying their love is perfect, but they don't know that the guy used to cheat on the girl with me.

We can call them Roy and Pam.

We all used to go to the same high school, but they were a year ahead of me. Roy was very, very attractive, and Pam was a nice girl, but she had a really broad nose and people used to tease her about it.

Mi did have the biggest crush pon Roy from long time and always wondered how him look beyond Pam broad nose.

Anyways, it so happened that we went to the same college, and me and Roy ended up studying the same course. Me skin catch a fire when me see him in one of me classes, so me start use it as the excuse to talk to him, and ask if we can study together.

At first, it started out innocent, where we would just talk about schoolwork, then we became good friends. That's when he started confiding in me and telling me that he feels trapped in his relationship because he has never experienced anyone else. So I suggested to him that he could just explore with me instead of going to someone else.

He was hesitant at first, but then he gave in and we had a good little stint going on for a whole semester, kissing, touching, and then, eventually, the big thing!

But after it happened, he started feeling guilty, and told me we had to stop. Mi did feel a way because me think me coulda take him away from 'Nosey', but him say him love her.

Right now, me get an invitation to their December wedding and it a kill me, because me still love him off.

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