Vox Pop - What are the things you like most about living in Martha Brae?

September 12, 2017
Elsa Smith
Curtis Wallace
Byron Reid


Bryon Reid Shopkeeper

"Martha Brae is violence-free. There are lots of good, friendly people who live here, plus rafting ... lots of tourists. (Those) are some of the things that make the community stand out."

Curtis Wallace Shop owner

"There is unity in Martha Brae and we are not scarred by violence as some other crime hotspots. The only thing that can make the community better than it already is if we get more infrastructure development so we can provide more employment, because the community has great potential."

Elsa Smith Soup vendor

"No war in our quiet community. It is one of the nicest areas in Trelawny where people can come out and play domino and enjoy themselves without fear."

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