Where are they now : Parris Taylor still in love with table tennis

September 12, 2017
Parris Taylor

During his adolescent years growing up in Lucea in the 1970s, Parris Taylor was one of the most popular boys in the town. One reason for this was that he represented Hanover and Rusea's High School in table tennis.

His twin brother, Paul, was also a table tennis player. The two were always in each other's company, and would never be seen in the town of Lucea without their table tennis rackets.

"The residents just called the two of us 'Lovey' and 'Likey' because we used to love sports, particularly table tennis, and always walked around with our table tennis rackets in our hands everywhere we went. They couldn't distinguish us, so they just called us Lovey and Likey," he said.

"We used to have a lot of fans," Taylor said. "We used to practise at the fire station and at the police barracks. I used to be very good at table tennis. It was one of my better sports. I went to the national competition in 1980 to play for Hanover at the National Arena and represented Hanover three times in the 1970s," he explained.

Today Taylor, who was trained at the Mico University College and the G.C. Foster College of Physical Education and Sports, teaches physical education at Tarrant High School in Kingston, where he has been for the last 28 years.

Throughout the years, Taylor was also an avid sportsman. He represented the Central Football Club, was an opening batsman for Rusea's Colts cricket team, and represented Hanover in athletics.

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