Real Duppy Stories : A spiritual intervention

September 13, 2017

Kim Douglas of Charles Town, Portland, has seen, heard, and experienced things that would boggle the minds of many people.

Yes, she is no ordinary woman. Her spiritual connection to her Maroon ancestors is very strong, and the stories she tells make you sit and wonder.

Douglas said she has seen many duppies and spiritual interventions, like the one that occurred three days after her maternal grandmother died. She was nine years old at the time, and her mother was one of seven children that her grandmother predeceased.

The man her grandmother lived with at the time of her death was Douglas' step-grandfather. Three days after her grandmother died, the man went with a truck to remove many pieces of furniture and other items from the house, to which he had gone with three men to assist him.

But the children, including Douglas' mother who was pregnant at the time, would have none of it. They needed the stuff the men were removing, but the step-grandfather didn't care. Despite their objection, the men continued to empty the house.

Douglas' mother, in her 40s, was adamant that her stepfather was not going to get "even a crackers". So, with the support of her children and neighbours, she decided to return whatever was taken out. And suddenly, her "head turn".

Her mother was no longer acting alone, getting assistance from dead ancestors, Douglas explained. And all hell broke loose. To everybody's amazement she lifted the cabinet, full of crockery, and returned it to the house. Inside the house a fight started, and the pregnant woman threw the men out.

A neighbour, Miss Inez, went to her assistance, and by the time they knew it, Miss Inez's "head turn, too".

She then started to "cut and clear" the house.

The step-grandfather could not believe what he saw. So, he grabbed a stone to fling at Douglas' mother, who stood akimbo, and sang, "Mi one pickney, mi one willy willy, hear de Maroon a come oooh ...."

Before she could sing the next line, her stepfather flung the stone at her, and another, and another, and as near as she was to the man, all the stones swerved from her.

It was like someone was turning the stones away from her. They seemed to stop for a while in mid-air, just before they turned away from her. "Just like that!" a still-amazed Douglas recalled.

And hear this now. Douglas' mother 'dress back', and, with one hand, she grabbed a stone that was so heavy it needed two people to lift it, and hit the man, who collapsed.

That stone is still at the spot after all these years, because it is very heavy.

Then, "dem scrape up de the man, throw im inna de truck, an drive way," Douglas said. Her mother's ancestors seemed to have done their job.

Hell also popped at Douglas' grandmother's funeral, from which the man had to run for his life. They never saw him again, not even at his own funeral.

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