Lena May Allen: A God-fearing woman

September 19, 2017
The Reverend Devere Nugent (right) leads pallbearers out of The Bounty Hall Baptist Church following the thanksgiving service for Lena May Allen on Saturday.

The thanksgiving service for the Lena May Allen was held at the Bounty Hall Baptist Church in Trelawny last Saturday.

Born on April 29, 1933, 'Aunt Lena' as she was affectionately called, had two children who produced seven grandchildren and six great-grandchildren.

At the service, officiating minister, Reverend Devere Nugent called on persons to strive to be like her.

"She was a practical woman, she was patient, she welcomed people; all qualities that we should use as examples," the pastor said.

"There was always a figurative light in Aunt Lena's house. It was as if to say, 'the Man of God is in resident here'," Nugent added.

Aunt Lena's body was interred at the Family Plot in Bounty Hall.

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