STAR of the Month : Lemonade in cooking oil bottle - Agent Sasco appreciates humble beginnings

October 04, 2017
Agent Sasco

Agent Sasco still remembers the one-bedroom board house in which he grew up in Kintyre,

St Andrew. Its exterior walls could have done with a fresh coat of paint, having been exposed to sun, rain and wind for many years.

"We never had TV for most of my growing up years, [we] used to buy coal and dem thing deh fi cook, and if we couldn't buy the coal, we did affi go look fire wood inna di gully deh," Agent Sasco, whose given name is Jeffrey Campbell, told THE STAR.

The 34-year-old entertainer is, now enjoying the best of what life has to offer. He has a beautiful home, a steady family and a successful career. However, he was quick to point out that he had to work hard all his life to secure the life he's now enjoying.

He recalls that while being a student at Hope Valley Experimental School, he and his sister, Olivia, who was one grade level above him, shared the same school bag and they often had to carry lunch to school.

"My mother stayed home for most of her life because she was ill and she was the type of mother that tried to make sure you had everything you needed for school and thing.

"We a talk bout lemonade inna cooking oil bottle kinda life," Agent Sasco said.

He told THE STAR that his mother could hardly afford the photo packages that were being offered in school, so she paid for him and Olivia to take one picture together.




Agent Sasco said he endured a bit of ridicule during his childhood, pointing out, for example, that he was teased because he lived in a board house. To escape the teasing, he said that he often walked through another yard, jumping a fence and landing in his own yard.

"The more me grow up, the more I appreciate my situation and my circumstances and understand that my folks were trying to do the best they could," he said.

His youthful days, however, were not confined to Kintyre. Holidays and weekends he spent with his father, who had separated from his mother, and lived in Pedro, St Catherine. Unlike the stark poverty he faced in the east rural St Andrew community, Agent Sasco was exposed to a coloured TV and VCR.

"I got a bit of dual exposure, so at least I could say my father owned property and I could aspire to those things, as opposed to thinking that this (Kintyre) is the only reality there is," he said.

Agent Sasco said he refused to be a prisoner to his circumstances. He did well at Camperdown High and was contemplating a career in journalism before being captured by his first love, music. The one-room board house in which he grew up is no more, and he doesn't even have a picture of it. However, he has a painting of a board house in his upper St Andrew home, which stands as a reminder of his challenging youthful days, growing up in Kintyre.

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