Weh Dem Up To : General Degree still making moves

October 06, 2017
General Degree
General Degree
General Degree
General Degree

General Degree catapulted to the top of the dancehall industry in the 1990s. With hits such as 'Hold You Tonight', 'Traffic Blocking' and 'Pianist' heating up the dancehall scene at the time, Degree certainly made a name for himself, and was one of the hottest entertainers of his time.

Although his name isn’t mentioned much on the local dancehall scene these days save for when people reminisce on the ‘good ole 90s' era, the deejay is still very much into the business of making music.

THE WEEKEND STAR caught up with the entertainer recently, and he revealed that while he isn’t active on the local scene, he is performing and making moves internationally.

“Currently I’m working on some new material with producers from Panama and other professionals based overseas. I have been putting out new songs and I have been doing so for the past three years,” he said.

“The song I’m now promoting is called Blank, and I’ll be shooting the video for that really soon. I also have a song with Taurus Riley which is a remix of my song called Feeling Irie. That one is doing well in places like Panama and Kenya, so I have been doing the work, still making music and still representing dancehall and Jamaica.”

While he has been putting out new material and is happy with the progress he has been making with those new songs, General Degree admits that it is the classic songs from his 90s catalogue that people remember him most for. He says he is glad he had the opportunity to create those hits and dubbed them as timeless music.

“The 90s dancehall was different. It had such a good vibe and gave people such a good feeling that people still love the 90s dancehall songs to this day,” he said. “Just the other day Keyshia Kaoir, Gucci Mane’s girlfriend, was dancing to Traffic Blocking at her party. That goes to show you just how much people still love those songs all over the world.”

General Degree told THE WEEKEND STAR that he has grown a lot over the years. He said that while he will still do the party songs to give people a ‘good vibe’, his music has matured and the songs he will be putting out will reflect just that.

“I’m doing more songs from the grown side because I’m much more mature now from where I used to be a couple years ago or when I just started out,” he said.

The entertainer also commented on the current crop of dancehall artistes, pointing out that too much competition has caused the entertainers today to ‘water down’ the music to a level where some are disgusted by dancehall and what it has become.

“I think some of the artistes today have potential, but what I think happening nowadays is that too many artistes think that they are artistes because them might get a one song. When dem start represent dancehall and start doing all kinds of things to get attention, people start cuss dancehall and say we a fall apart,” he explained.

“Some people desperate. If me come and talk bout the tree leaf last week, you now a go come and say ‘eeh, you talk bout the leaf, me a go talk bout the whole branch'. And another man weh a watch and a compete too a say, ‘eeh, me a go talk bout the whole tree den’ just to try out do the others. Nothing is wrong with being competitive because dancehall is competitive, but we can compete without downgrading the music and cut out the ‘don’t care’ thing.”

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