STAR of the Month :Not just for the money - Agent Sasco passionate about music

October 10, 2017
Agent Sasco

Experienced dancehall artiste Agent Sasco says removing the expectation of major pay cheques is important for success in the entertainment music industry. He said that he has managed to make a name for himself in the dancehall world without compromising his values.

"I will go back to what all career teachers tell me in high school do something in alignment with what you love and what you are passionate about, especially with how music is set up, it's not a linear thing," Agent Sasco said.

The artiste argued that success in the industry is not guaranteed. "The only thing that can propel you through that is the love and passion you have for it," Agent Sasco told THE STAR. "It cyaa be that you looking sumn fi pay yuh bills a month time. If that is your motivation then, when the doubt and the fear come, it might just be insurmountable."

Agent Sasco, whose given name is Jeffery Campbell, is today ranked as one of Jamaica's top-flight entertainers. He has been featured on tracks with Grammy Award winners Kanye West and Kendrick Lamar. He, however, maintains that persons pursuing music should avoid counting chickens before they are hatched.

"With the arts, you have to divorce the outcome, you have to really focus on the art itself. Because if it's done and it's done well, you will benefit from it," Agent Sasco said.

The Hand to Mouth deejay relayed this hypothetical, often imparted to up-and-coming artistes like himself years ago: "'Yuh nuh hear a wah kinda song a run di place? Hey, deejay yuh fi do two gyal ting deh too innuh!'"




"If I was putting the outcome as my motivation, I would have, maybe, lost my way long time, doing material that not in alignment with my values and how me feel."

Agent Sasco, who does not have piercings or tattoos, said that while he has done songs in the past that he is not necessarily proud of, his work, to a great extent, is greatly influenced by the way he sees himself and the role he has to play within the society.

"I recorded a lot of songs in dancehall knowing it wouldn't necessarily be the dancehall champion song weh a man ah guh play 2:30 inna di morning. Hand to Mouth, for example, I recorded Hand to Mouth pon a dancehall riddim. Mi actually did hear the Kartel song before me even record. Mi know seh is not the kinda song weh ah man a wait fi bawl out him chroat pan at 3 o'clock when the dance hot and money-pull up and dem ting deh," he shared.

Agent Sasco's advice to young aspirants is to not follow the trends but to do songs "just because you wah sing it, and if it becomes a hit song, more power to you."

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