Everyday Heroes : Avis Harvey gives school her only microwave

October 13, 2017

Avis Harvey, a resident of Linstead in St Catherine and a member of the Rotary Club, has always been at the forefront helping others. From providing bus fares, lunch money, and food for students, to giving her time to promote community endeavours and initiatives, Harvey has always showed an eagerness to assist others.

Harvey's latest outreach is the donation of the only microwave she has in her home to benefit students at the Charlemont High School who have to travel early in the mornings to get to school, quite often, without breakfast.

"I first learnt of the students plight from fellow Rotarian Neteisha Richards, who teaches at the school," she told THE WEEKEND STAR.

"My heart was really troubled by the fact that these students had to survive the entire morning session without even a cup of tea. I knew within myself I had to do something," she continued.

Harvey, without announcing her intentions, cleaned up the only microwave in her home and donated it to the school to benefit the students.

Fellow Rotarian Patrick Harris said that Harvey's gesture is a demonstration to others that we can give of ourselves to help those who have greater needs.

Richards, whose students are benefiting from the microwave, said that Harvey's donation is of great value to many students.

"She did not only donate the microwave, but she also provided supplies of tea, milk, sugar, and cups for the students," said Richards.

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