STAR of the Month : Give them time to mature - Agent Sasco hopes young artistes will eventually abandon 'slackness'

October 19, 2017
Agent Sasco
Agent Sasco


A name change as well as a change of mindset came with maturity for entertainer Agent Sasco. He caught his break as a hardcore dancehall artiste in 1999 at 17 years old, and was ready to take on a dancehall image many have become accustomed to.

However, having made his mark without having to resort to slackness and vulgarity, the now 34-year-old entertainer is hoping that the younger generation can take a 'leaf from his book' and also reach a level of musical maturity similar to his.

Encouraging the current crop of dancehall artistes, the STAR of the Month was quick to point out that experience is perhaps the best teacher.

Agent Sasco, as he is known these days, said he shed the 'Assassin' persona he was previously known by because he had grown out of that image. He explained that while the music coming from the younger crop of dancehall artistes may be considered 'slack' and over the top, dancehall music was always considered 'slack'. He believes that instead of bashing these young entertainers, the industry should guide them and hope that one day they, too, will get to a level where they abandon the 'slackness' altogether.


Chastising dancehall


"I don't think I can be the one to say what dancehall should or shouldn't be because when me was 17, I was doing me. You have 17-year-olds now who are deciding what dancehall should look and sound like," he explained.

"In terms of chastising dancehall, I can't. It's a repeating cycle. Yellowman did slack fi di man dem before him and so forth. I am not going to be one a di man dem now weh a dictate to the youth dem what fi dem experience should be, but fi di sake a Jamaica and di future, I just hope they mature."

Agent Sasco said it might take time for some entertainers to grasp that music does influence people, but he believes those who have the best interest of their audience in mind will eventually have that revelation.

"Artistes have influence full stop, so if you present a thing a certain way, then you can influence how people feel about it," he said, pointing out that artistes should not use the excuse of 'that's what the people want to hear' to justify the type of music they chose to put out.

"Di same audience weh bawl out fi 'One Love' early inna di dance, when yuh draw fi a 'shoot out him eye and kill him now', dem same one a bawl forward same way, so dem wah hear di full spectrum a music," he added.

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