Dancers' Paradise: OvaMarz takes control of the 'Midfield'

October 20, 2017
Dancer OvaMarz

The FIFA World Cup may not be until summer next year, but veteran dancer OvaMarz has kicked off the football festivities with a new dance move called Midfield.

With his dance moves like Nuh Linga and Raging Bull blowing up in the past, the entertainer is hopeful that this new move will follow suit.

"The Midfield dance is a whole ball game thing. Midfield is a position weh you play inna football from the middle a di field, and dancing is all about taking the middle, and a so the whole idea came to mind," he told Dancers' Paradise.

"Name have a lot fi do wid yuh dance because yuh haffi come wid sup'm dat will get the people anxious. People a wonder how dis dance yah do, so the whole midfield thing a go blow up."

The dancer also explained that it was full time he lived up to his career name, as he adopted the moniker OvaMarz from a football star who used to play for the Netherlands and Arsenal.

"Ovamars is a baller weh used to play fi Holland, Arsenal and Barcelona, so a so me get the name. A lot of people don't know that, dem just feel like me just pick up a name. But football was mi thing, and me can play," he said.




OvaMarz told Dancers' Paradise that he even though he's always in the lab creating dance moves and has plenty to unleash, he will be allowing this new move to run its course and reach maximum potential before he starts promoting another.

"Me is not the dancer weh come and try fi build five, six, seven dances and confuse the people dem. Me try fi build dance wid substance, dance wid longevity, dance weh can last like Nuh Linga, Raging Bull," he said.

"Me try fi build dances weh a go hit like how Bob Marley have hit songs. It's been a while since me nuh have a dance out there like that because me a wait pan di right time and the right place. I'm back, and dis a di new thing."

As for the dance move, OvaMarz says it's easy to do and believes people will catch on quickly.

"Me always try fi take the time out fi build dance weh people can gravitate to. So is just foot works, rock yuh body to the right, come back left, make a semi-circle wid yuh foot, swing yuh body and yuh shoulder. It just unique," he said.

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