STAR of the Month: Five fun facts with Agent Sasco

October 20, 2017
Omarie Morgan/Photographer STAR of the Month Agent Sasco.
Stevie Wonder


Our STAR of the Month feature for October is quickly coming to an end and while fans of the man of the moment, Agent Sasco, may have learnt a lot about him, there is still a lot to uncover.

Today, we bring you five fun facts about the 'Winning Right Now' deejay, some things we bet you didn't know.

1. One of the deejay's most favourite things to eat/drink is porridge. He enjoys porridge so much that while growing up, he was nicknamed 'Daily Porridge' because he used to have it so often.

2. The deejay is a family man and many persons believe his dedication to his family is as a result of growing up in a nuclear home. But the deejay's parents separated when he was only two years old. He still had the guidance of both parents though, as he would spend holidays with his father even though he lived with his mother.

3. If the entertainer could have any super power, he would want to be able to travel through time.

4. Agent Sasco has collaborated with many entertainers throughout his career, but he still would love to collaborate with Stevie Wonder.

5. The entertainer also does farming. He has a backyard garden where he grows bananas, peppers, plantains among other things. He also has three hens that provide him with eggs on a daily basis. He believes in growing his own food as long as he has the means to do so.

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